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Registration open for Texas Birding 2015


Join me May 14-18, 2015 for the South Texas Birding Experience, an all-inclusive trip to photograph birds up-close from professionally maintained, private blinds. If you want to get frame-filling photographs of smaller birds, this is the trip for you. It’s also a great place to see some uncommon species, like green jays, caracara, and pyrrhuloxia. Here’s a look at some of the shots from the 2104 trip.

This photo safari is limited to five participants so you get maximum over the shoulder support, both in the field and back at the ranch. Speaking of the ranch, our air-conditioned lodging is only minutes away from the shooting sites, and we’ll get home-cooked meals every day, along with an afternoon happy hour to refresh you after a long day in the blinds.

Spots for this trip fill up fast, so if you’re interested, please go here for the full details and to reserve your spot now!

Texas Birding Safari Report

Northern cardinal getting a drink in south Texas.
Northern cardinal getting a drink in south Texas.

I have returned from leading my annual “South Texas Birding Experience” workshop on private ranches. What can I say? Starting from the moment the group arrived, we had an amazing time. Our first day out was what our guides call “hot.” Not because it was sunny, but because we literally had no periods of inactivity for the three hours we were in the blinds. We could have kept going, but the midday light was getting harsh and we had a nice lunch awaiting us. I nearly filled two 16GB memory cards that first day! Continue reading Texas Birding Safari Report

Off to Texas!

Crested caracara in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.
Crested caracara in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

I’m packing the big guns and heading down to south Texas for my annual South Texas Birding Photo Safari! This year, I’ll be bringing five clients to shoot with me in the private ranch blinds. While birding does require long focal lengths, the good news is that there are lots of good options for people who don’t want to fork over several month’s pay for a part-time lens.

If you use Nikon DX format bodies, the Nikkor 80-400mm AFS G VRII lens is amazingly sharp, and very easy to hand-hold. If you are considering a trip like this as a special occasion, consider renting a lens (and even a body) from a company like LensRentals or BorrowLenses. Weekly rentals are reasonably priced, especially when considering the purchase price of a new lens.

Oh, and Texas? I’m already planning to return next year. If you’d like to join me, sign up over at my workshops page so you get early notifications. These trips fill up fast!

Digital Underground: Seattle; August 7-11, 2014

Skyline and Space Needle
Photograph the Seattle skyline and Space Needle with Jason Odell and Deborah Sandidge August 7-11, 2014

I’m pleased to announce the next stop on the Digital Underground instructional photo tour: Seattle, Washington! Join me and co-leader Deborah Sandidge as we tour the sights of the Emerald City, August 7-11, 2014.

On this four-day instructional photo tour, we will be focusing on capturing the essence of the Seattle area using creative techniques. Each day, you’ll get an assignment for using one of the techniques we’ll cover, including blue hour/night photography, monochrome, HDR, and long exposures. You will receive personal instruction and image critique each day both on-location and in the classroom. We’ve deliberately limited the group size to ten photographers to maximize contact time with the participants. Continue reading Digital Underground: Seattle; August 7-11, 2014

New Workshop Series: Digital Underground

Odell_20130110_3676_HDR-Edit-2I’m pleased to announce that I’ve teamed up with Deborah Sandidge to develop a series of urban-oriented creative photography workshops that we’re calling “Digital Underground.” In these workshops, we’ll explore interesting locations with an emphasis on creative techniques and twilight/evening shooting. We’ll take a fresh approach to popular locations using long exposures, HDR, monochrome, infrared, and other creative digital techniques. We will also explore each location to include both popular and lesser-known shooting spots.

The best part of these workshops is that we’re deliberately keeping them small; ten photographers is the limit. That means you’ll get lots of personal attention from both myself and Deborah in the field, and we’ll be personally reviewing each photographer’s images during and after the workshop.

To kick off our 2014 series, we’ve chosen a really dynamic location: fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! We’ve created a tremendous itinerary exploring not only the lights of the Las Vegas strip, but also some other cool locations like a ghost town and a private night photography session at the Neon Museum Boneyard.

Join Jason Odell and Deborah Sandidge for Digital Underground: Las Vegas
April 10-13, 2014