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The L-Bracket

Why Your Camera Needs an L-Bracket

The L-bracket is a must-have accessory for tripod photography.

I always mount an L-bracket on my DSLR cameras. These Arca-Swiss compatible plates have a bottom and a side dovetail plate that attaches to a clamp on your tripod head. While these brackets cost more than a simple bottom plate, L-brackets are extremely useful for landscape and portrait photographers.

L-Brackets attach your camera to a tripod head via a dovetail plate (Arca-Swiss System). Most quick-release plates mount to the bottom of your camera via the tripod mounting screw. With standard plates, you have to “flop” the camera on its side using your tripod head if you want to shoot vertical (portrait) orientation. With an L-bracket, you simply detach the camera from the QR clamp, and then re-mount it on its side. If you use a tripod head with a lever-release clamp, then this process is quick and easy. Continue reading The L-Bracket

Slowing it Down for Better Photographs

By slowing yourself down, you can learn to see things differently and get better results.
By slowing yourself down, you can learn to see things differently and get better results.

Photography is more accessible than it is ever been. Advances in technology have given us wonderful equipment at fairly inexpensive prices. One of the greatest assets of digital photography is that it allows us to shoot high-volumes of images at relatively low cost. The ease of clicking the shutter on a digital camera means that quite often will end up with hundreds if not thousands of images. But how many of those images are really good? If you find yourself shooting quantity over quality then maybe it’s time to slow things down and take a slightly different approach to your photography. It’s so easy to shoot with digital that sometimes it can be hard to control yourself! Here are some simple techniques that can help you slow yourself down and potentially achieve better results. Continue reading Slowing it Down for Better Photographs