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Photo Tip: Avoiding Tunnel Vision

For the final image, I added my "Flowers" recipe of three filters in Color Efex Pro 4.
This image of a tulip started out with a major compositional flaw. Fortunately I was able to notice the issue in the field and recompose.

Part of the art of photography is visualizing your shot through the camera viewfinder (or LCD panel). When you’re in the field, you tend to scrutinize your subject. After all, you want the subject placed in the frame properly, you want to focus precisely, and more. Unfortunately, this often leads to “tunnel vision.” Your mind subconsciously blacks out the other elements of the frame, especially the corners and background. Continue reading Photo Tip: Avoiding Tunnel Vision

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Slowing it Down for Better Photographs

By slowing yourself down, you can learn to see things differently and get better results.
By slowing yourself down, you can learn to see things differently and get better results.

Photography is more accessible than it is ever been. Advances in technology have given us wonderful equipment at fairly inexpensive prices. One of the greatest assets of digital photography is that it allows us to shoot high-volumes of images at relatively low cost. The ease of clicking the shutter on a digital camera means that quite often will end up with hundreds if not thousands of images. But how many of those images are really good? If you find yourself shooting quantity over quality then maybe it’s time to slow things down and take a slightly different approach to your photography. It’s so easy to shoot with digital that sometimes it can be hard to control yourself! Here are some simple techniques that can help you slow yourself down and potentially achieve better results. Continue reading Slowing it Down for Better Photographs

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Photo of the Day: Fountain Motel

Fountain Motel, Wall, South Dakota. Nikon 1 V1 with 10mm f/2.8 1-Nikkor lens. Processed in Color Efex Pro 4 and Flypaper Texture (Click for larger image).

Here’s a snapshot (literally) from my recent workshop in South Dakota. My students and I had returned from our early-morning shoot and were walking to town to grab some breakfast. This old motel was on the corner and had a vintage style, so I grabbed a quick shot with my Nikon 1 V1 camera and 10mm lens. Read on to see how I processed this file. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Fountain Motel

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Video Tip: HDR Efex Pro Zoom Tool


Here’s a quick tip on improving your on-screen previews in HDR Efex Pro. Once I figured this out, my images came out a LOT better because I wasn’t over-adjusting them.

Bonus: Download my new HDR Efex Pro preset “Hyper-realistic Interiors.” This preset gives a nice clean look that is very natural and crisp when used on indoor images.

Learn more about mastering HDR Efex Pro.

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