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The Image Doctors #97

Fundamentals of Color Management

This week, we have the first of a multi-part series on color management. For our first topic, we’ll discuss what color management is, and why you should calibrate your monitor if you’re serious about digital photography.

Accessories we like

New Think Tank Rollers!

New Airport Security and Airport International Rollers from Think Tank Photo.
New Airport Security and Airport International Rollers from Think Tank Photo.

I’ve just gotten word that Think Tank Photo has just announced updated versions of their camera roller bags. The Airport Security V3 and Airport International V3 are large-capacity bags designed to fit into most standard aircraft overhead bins.

The new designs feature improved handles, greater durability, and dedicated laptop and tablet compartments. The Airport International V3.0, sized for international carry on requirements, holds two gripped DSLRs with lenses attached, plus two to four additional lenses, a 15” laptop, and a 10” tablet.  The roller fits up to a 500mm f/4 detached or 400mm f/2.8 attached (hood reversed).  The Airport Security V3.0, sized for US domestic carry on requirements, holds two gripped DSLRs with lenses attached plus four to six additional lenses, a 17” laptop, and a 10” tablet.  The bag fits up to a 600mm f/4 detached or 500mm f/4 attached (hood reversed).  With my partnership with Think Tank, you’ll receive free gear and free shipping with every order you place for their gear, as long as you start your shopping experience here.

I have the earlier versions of both of these bags. I find them incredibly useful when I’m traveling with heavier telephotos on cross-country flights. While both bags will fit into the overhead bins of regular-sized jets, choose the International version if you do not normally travel domestic airlines within the USA. If you frequently find yourself on regional jets, consider the smaller Airport Essentials backpack.

The Sensor Plane Photography Podcast #9

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/z1LMtIHYMWk” title=”The%20Sensor%20Plane%20Photography%20Podcast%20with%20Jason%20Odell”]

A trip to South Texas for birding means packing big glass and using the right settings. In today’s episode, I review the Think Tank Photo Airport Security 2.0 roller bag, and share my tips for getting sharp shots of small birds. I also share some of my images from this year’s South Texas Birding Experience photo safari.

For an audio-only version of this episode (MP3 format), click here.


Review: Think Tank Photo Mirrorless Mover 30i

Since I bought my Fujifilm X-T1 system, all of my camera bags were suddenly too big! I purchased a Think Tank Photo Mirrorless Mover 30i to carry it in. It’s perfect for walking around with the camera and a couple of lenses plus accessories. I still may get a slightly larger bag for times when I want to pack the entire kit, but right now, the Mirrorless Mover 30i is a good fit for me. It’s small, well-built, and can carry the X-T1 plus four lenses and accessories, including my iPad. For vacation travel, that’s a perfect combination!

Check out my review of the Think Thank Photo Mirrorless Mover 30i bag on YouTube:

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/WPJ-bf4xQXU” title=”Think%20Tank%20Photo%20Mirrorless%20Mover%2030i%20camera%20bag%20review” autohide=”1″]

Check out the Mirrorless Mover bags at Think Tank Photo and receive a bonus item with any order of $50 or more.

Packing Tips for Photographers

Make sure you bring the right camera gear by following these packing tips.

Packing for a photo trip is never as easy as it seems. You either A) over-pack and make yourself miserable schlepping a 45-lb bag through airports, or B) forget some seemingly innocuous piece of kit that you wish you had.  Of course, there is also option C) you bring too much stuff and still forgot something important. Here are some packing tips that I still need to remind myself about from time to time, so I figured blogging it would help get me straight.

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