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The Image Doctors #197

The Best Lenses for Zoo Photography

Your local zoo can be a great place for honing your wildlife photography skills. From exposure to autofocus, zoos are loaded with great animal subjects. This week, we offer our tips on the best walk-around lenses for zoo photography, including affordable options for most of the major camera brands.

The Image Doctors #196

Wildlife Photography with the Olympus System

This week, we took our annual overnight trip to Mt. Evans (made possible by our sponsors) and photographed wildlife and landscapes in the alpine tundra above 13,000′ elevation. Joining us this week on the show is Dr. Shalah Parker, who recently got back into photography and is using the OM Digital Solutions OM-5 micro four-thirds format camera, and was with us on the shoot. You can find some of Shalah’s work at her Facebook page, Side Quest Photography.

The Image Doctors #195

Renting camera gear for your next adventure

If there’s been a consistent trend in camera gear of late, it’s that the prices of lenses continue to increase. This is especially true for the big telephoto lenses, many of which use exotic designs and include features like built-in teleconverters. But when a lens costs over $10,000, that’s simply not feasible for the average enthusiast to even consider buying.

This week, we’ll discuss some options for how to acquire these big-ticket items without melting your credit card or mortgaging your home. The used market and rental companies offer some compelling ways to get your hands on expensive gear without the financial pain.

The Image Doctors #194

Road Trip!

This week, we took a short road trip down to southern Colorado, where we photographed abandoned towns and the historic downtown of Trinidad. Hear what motivated us, what gear we used, and the styles of images we produced. You can check out our image galleries here.

The Image Doctors #193

Getting Sharp Shots

This week, we revisit the age-old challenge of getting sharper shots. Sharp photos require a combination of camera settings, technique, and post-processing, and we’ll offer our suggestions for each one. If your photos aren’t sharp, it might have more to do with your camera settings than your focus system.

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