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The Image Doctors #98

Nikon 105mm & 50mm Z macro lenses

This week Nikon announced two Z-mount macro lenses, in 105mm and 50mm focal lengths. We take a look at the specs, pricing, and whether we’ll consider replacing our F-mount 105mm VR micro-Nikkor lenses. We also take a quick peek at DXO’s newly updated Nik Collection 4, which we’ll review more in depth next week.

Preorder the new Nikon macro lenses

The Image Doctors #97

Fundamentals of Color Management

This week, we have the first of a multi-part series on color management. For our first topic, we’ll discuss what color management is, and why you should calibrate your monitor if you’re serious about digital photography.

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The Image Doctors #96

Oregon Photo Safari Recap

We’re back from our week-long photo safari in Oregon, and we had a spectacular time. We’ve posted photos on our Facebook Page for you to check out, too. Rick brought his Fujifilm GFS 100X medium-format camera on the tour, and he shares his experience using it in the field.

Webinar May 29th: Photographing Crested Butte, Colorado

Join us on Saturday, May 29th to learn more about photographing Crested Butte, Colorado. We’ll be leading a photo tour there in July!

The Image Doctors #95

Our top 10 photographic innovations

This week, Jason & Rick came up with a “top 10” list of their favorite photo innovations in the last 10-15 years. Find out what technological advances in photography made our list!

The Image Doctors #94

Topaz Sharpen AI Review, New Nikon Z Firmware

This week, Nikon released firmware updates for every Z mirrorless camera in their lineup. While most of the improvements went to the Z6ii and Z7ii models, the other cameras also got a really great feature, too.

We also take a look at the latest iteration of Topaz Labs’ sharpening tool, Sharpen AI. Sharpen AI works as a Lr/Ps plug-in, and as a stand-alone editor. We were both impressed by this sharpening tool, and we discuss how we plan to use it in our workflow.