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The Image Doctors #232

Photo Safari Report: Redwoods and Oregon Coast

We’re back from our photo safari and workshop photographing the California Redwoods and Oregon coast. Hear about the trip and our experiences, plus new announcements from Panasonic, Leica, and Adobe.

New Releases

Bonus Show: Photos from our trip

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The Image Doctors #231

Tips for getting the fastest frame rates

Many modern digital cameras offer frame rates that exceed 15fps. However, there are often settings conflicts that can reduce the actual frame rate, even when you’re set to a fast fps option. We’ll take a look at the settings that can affect frame rate so that you can maximize your camera’s output.

Nik Collection 7 by DXO

DXO recently released a major upgrade to the Nik Collection suite of creative effects plug-ins. Tune in to hear our thoughts on whether this upgrade is worthwhile.

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The Image Doctors #220

Interpreting Online Camera and Lens Reviews

Any time a new camera or lens is announced, we often scour the internet for any available reviews. While many online reviews are excellent, it’s also important to consider that every review (including ours) are implicitly biased. We tackle the issue in this week’s episode.

The Image Doctors #214

Building our perfect camera

It’s the last show of 2023 and this week we decided to think about what we’d want in our “perfect” camera. That’s right, if we were in charge of designing a great, all-around digital camera, what features would we want to see? We’ll discuss form factor, viewfinders, autofocus systems, and more.

The Image Doctors #187

Photographer Spotlight: Joel Meyerowitz

This week, we’re spotlighting Joel Meyerowitz, whose color street photography transformed the way photographers and artists viewed color photography. Check out Joel’s work at his website, joelmeyerowitz.com

Hands-on with the Olympus 100-400mm lens

Rick and Jason both have the Olympus 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 lens. This week, we went out for a quick field test, and we offer our opinions of this lightweight 200-800mm equivalent from Olympus.

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