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Wrapping Up 2016

A Cadillac rusting in peace at Old Car City USA.
A Cadillac rusting in peace at Old Car City USA.

It’s been a busy couple of months this fall, but I’ve wrapped up my 2016 instructional photo tours. The last stop this year: Old Car City USA. What an amazing place! I brought a dozen photographers from across the USA to White, Georgia. We spent two days photographing the rusting cars, with a particular focus on close-up and HDR techniques. We had time each day to work together on our laptops to learn workflow and processing techniques (your photo isn’t done until you’ve at least tried to polish it up in post).

I’m already looking forward to 2017, and with any luck, a return to Old Car City will be in the works!

One last thing

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended a live event with me this year. Whether it was an online webinar, personal online instruction, or a instructional photo tour, I really can’t tell you how much it means to me to have you put your trust in me to share my passion of photography.

See upcoming workshops and photo tours here!

Old Car City USA Creative Photo Workshop: Nov. 4-5

Take a road trip and explore creative close-up and HDR photography in a rusted car paradise

Join me at Old Car City USA March 11-12 for a creative photography workshop!
Join me at Old Car City USA March 11-12 for a creative photography workshop!

I just got back from visiting Old Car City USA near Atlanta, Georgia. What an amazing place! With nearly 40 acres of vintage cars, this one-time auto parts yard is now a photography paradise for anyone looking to get creative while exploring textures, colors, and vintage icons of American automotive yesteryear.

At Old Car City, we'll explore close-up compositions of decaying vehicles.
At Old Car City, we’ll explore close-up compositions of decaying vehicles.

I’ll be leading a creative photo workshop here November 4-5, 2016. We’ll have two days to shoot at Old Car City, plus field and classroom instructional sessions where I’ll help you bring out the best in your photographs; both during and after the shoot. I’ve also arranged for discounted lodging right down the road so we won’t have to make the hour drive from Atlanta each day.

This location is often described as a “bucket list” spot for anyone who likes old cars. I think it’s perfect for photographers of all levels, especially because the sheer vastness of the site really requires you to think about subject and composition while exploring details, textures, and colors in the huge collection of decaying vehicles.

Space is limited to 15 photographers!

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