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Fuji X-T1 versus Nikon D4: High ISO Test

File this under “just for fun.” I have both a Nikon D4 and Fujifilm X-T1. Both cameras are roughly 16MP resolution, but the Fuji uses an APS-C sensor while the Nikon D4 is a 35mm sensor. I performed this quick ISO comparison simply to see how well Fuji’s sensor stacked up against that of my D4, which is a low-light champ. Before I go on, please understand that these are two very different cameras, for very different uses. I like them both for different reasons! Continue reading Fuji X-T1 versus Nikon D4: High ISO Test

The Bigger Reason Why Megapixels Matter for Photo Enthusiasts

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. Nikon D800e at ISO 3200.
Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.
Captured with a Nikon D800e DSLR at ISO 3200. 

A few years ago, just about every Nikon DSLR captured images at around 12 megapixel resolution. The main differences between camera models, then, involved features (speed, AF) and sensor size (FX vs. DX). The biggest advantage of the FX sensor cameras at that time was sheer low-light performance. For the most part, my colleagues and I agreed, the megapixel race seemed over, or at least, diminished as an important feature.

Over the last year, Nikon has been steadily upgrading their entire camera line to 24+ megapixels. Even the low-end Nikon D3200 has a 24MP sensor. In fact, there are only three cameras in Nikon’s current line-up that don’t offer at least 24MP: the D300s (12MP), D7000 (16MP) and D4 (16MP). This had me scratching my head a little, as I certainly know from experience that a 12-16MP camera easily delivers the goods in most situations. Continue reading The Bigger Reason Why Megapixels Matter for Photo Enthusiasts

Holiday Podcast With The Image Doctors

Happy Holidays from The Image Doctors!

I had the chance to sit down with my good friend, Rick Walker, and we were able to catch up on what we’ve been up to in 2012 and what we’re looking forward to doing in 2013. While the Image Doctors won’t be coming back as a regular podcast, we still enjoy discussing photography and hope you enjoy this special segment.

Sit back and relax (or fall asleep) as we discuss our experiences shooting the new Nikon D4 and D800 cameras, hear Rick’s thoughts on the new 70-200 f/4 VR Nikkor, and get some ideas on how you can make your photography fundamentally better overall.

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The Mind is Blown (Nikon D800e)

A quick test of the Nikon D800e proves it to be an amazing piece of technology!

Well, I finally caved in and ordered a new Nikon D800e. I figure it will be my primary landscape camera, when speed isn’t important. For my wildlife photography, I’ll probably stick with the Nikon D4, as it has superior frame rate and I prefer the integrated grip body style. That being said, the D800e is very comfortable, too, and it feels lighter than my D700 did. I can see it being a very popular travel camera…assuming you have enough memory cards for those 36-megapixel files. Continue reading The Mind is Blown (Nikon D800e)

Nikon D4: Field testing and other notes

Nikon D4 image, under-exposed at -2.7EV compensation (click to enlarge)
Under-exposed Nikon D4 image after processing (click to enlarge)

My Moab photo safari last week was the first real field test of my new Nikon D4. I had absolutely no issues with it in the field, and I captured over 1500 frames (NEF). Some testing requires extended use, and with that, here are some more observations about the Nikon D4. Continue reading Nikon D4: Field testing and other notes