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Going long: Shooting with the Nikkor 600/4 VR and TC-20EIII

Odell_20100212_5225.JPGI finally got a little time (and sunshine) to head out to the local nature center to fiddle around with my 600mm VR lens and try it with the TC-20E III.  When you are using long lenses, tripods are absolutely mandatory; hand-holding is not at all feasible (well, maybe if you pump iron like Ah-nold).

I started off with my normal combo for small birds: 600mm + TC-14E. This gives an effective 840mm focal length on my FX Nikon D3s. The TC-14E only costs one stop of light, so my lens behaves as though it were f/5.6 instead of f/4 when it is wide-open.  I’ve used this combination several times in the past, and it works really well.  I get sharp images and AF performance is still very fast and accurate.

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Going Birding, Part I

I’ve got a trip planned to photograph birds in Florida next week.  I’ve decided on two locations.  First, I’m heading to the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm.  Second, I’ll visit the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  Both of these locations are within a few hours drive of Orlando or Jacksonville.

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