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Long exposure eBook: Table of Contents now online

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still working on finishing up my newest eBook, Stretching Time.

Until then, here’s a chance to get an early preview of the topics by viewing the table of contents (click the image to view a PDF version)

Preview what's coming in my soon-to-be released eBook, Stretching Time. Click image to download a PDF version.
Preview what’s coming in my soon-to-be released eBook, Stretching Time. Click image to view a complete  PDF version.

Long Exposure Workshop August 8th in Colorado Springs

Odell_20150607_NIKON D810_6457-Edit

Join me in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday, August 8th to learn the fundamentals of long exposure photography.

In this class, I’ll cover all the creative techniques I use for stretching time to create dynamic digital captures, including:

  • Solid and variable ND filters
  • How to calculate exposure times
  • Composition for long exposures
  • How to capture car trails
  • Time-lapse and cloud-stacking techniques

Full details and registration information here

Learn cloud-stacking techniques to create time-lapse stills.
Learn cloud-stacking techniques to create unique time-lapse stills.

Photo: 21st Century Ghost Writer

I’m not dead yet! I’m getting better, really.


I like experimenting with new (or new to me) techniques. Here’s a twist on a self-portrait that is pretty easy to do indoors. I used a 30-second exposure with my Nikon D810, and I only stayed in the frame for about 20 of those seconds. The result is that I’ve become a ghost!

This type of photographic effect has been around for years, but with digital, it is so much easier to do because you can get the instant feedback on each capture. I did about five takes before I got one that I liked.

I processed the image in Lightroom and then used Macphun Software’s Tonality Pro to do the black and white conversion. I used a combination of layered effects (Tonality Pro offers layers) and color blending to retain just a hint of color in the final image.

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Get Out of Your Rut: Tips for Creative Photography

Photography is a combination of technical and artistic techniques. The more techniques you master, the more opportunities you’ll have to create your vision.

Photography combines technical and artistic elements and allows me to express my creativity. Today, just about anyone with a cell phone has a camera on-hand. So how do you go beyond just taking pictures of your food and your cat?

As with all things, you should have a grasp of the basic fundamentals of exposure. Sure, you can put your camera into Program Auto or “Scene” mode, but doing so can sometimes restrict your creativity. Program Auto mode is great when you’re just looking to get snapshots, and it is well-suited for those just starting out to allow the user to concentrate on composition. But at some point, all your photos will start to look the same, and you’ll probably want to expand your horizons. Here are some techniques you can experiment with once you have the basics down. Continue reading Get Out of Your Rut: Tips for Creative Photography