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Photo of the Day: Ominous

Storm clouds build in Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

I had some time yesterday to go on a brief hike in Garden of the Gods park before a spring storm rolled in. Here’s a three-shot hand-held HDR bracket with the Nikon D4 (±2EV) that I tone-mapped in HDR Efex Pro and finished off with Color Efex Pro 4.0 in Photoshop.

Happy shooting!

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Photo of the Day: Rocky Mountain Sunset

Last light over Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

During my photo safari last year to Rocky Mountain National Park, we had one of those scenes where you just aren’t sure what to do. The clouds were rolling in, and the light turned flat and gloomy. Yet we could see the light hitting Long’s Peak in the distance, and it looked really neat. I shot a bunch of images but none of them looked very inspiring. In fact, they were flat and boring, just like the light. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Rocky Mountain Sunset

Testing the Nikon D4: Wildlife and Teleconverters

Goose chase (Nikon D4 with 600mm VR & TC-14E)

When Nikon first announced the D4, I’ll admit that there weren’t a ton of features in the spec sheet that really made me jump up out of my chair. Most of the new features are subtle, unless you are a professional videographer (the D4 video options are top-notch). In my original post reacting to the D4 announcement, I mentioned several items that were of potentially great use to outdoor/wildlife photographers, and two of these made me want to upgrade over the D3s:

  • Better AF, and  the ability to autofocus with teleconverters up to at least f/8
  • More pixels for using 1.2x crop mode (or just cropping)

Continue reading Testing the Nikon D4: Wildlife and Teleconverters