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POTD: Belfast Blue Hour

Cars pass in front of Belfast City Hall at twilight.
Cars pass in front of Belfast City Hall at twilight. Nikon D750 with 16-35mm f/4 AFS G VR Nikkor lens.

I captured this image a few weeks ago on a visit to Ireland. Because I brought a small tripod (in this case, a Gitzo 1-series), I was able to set up for long exposure shots at twilight. The so-called “blue hour” lasts  only a few minutes and peaks about 20-30 minutes after sunset.

Discover the art of the long exposure with my illustrated tutorial, Stretching Time.

POTD: Giant’s Causeway

Sunset at the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland.
Sunset at the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland.

The Giant’s Causeway is a unique coastal formation of basalt columns that jut out into the ocean on Ireland’s northern coast. I made sure to visit there at sunset, and I was rewarded with some really nice clouds. I used HDR from two exposures (Lightroom HDR tutorial) to capture the full range of tones in the scene.

Nikon D750 with 16-35mm f/4 AFS G VR Nikkor lens
f/13, ISO 100 (2-exposures).

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POTD: Sunshine on a cloudy day

Sunflowers near Denver, Colorado
Sunflowers near Denver, Colorado

Every year, massive fields of sunflowers bloom near Denver International Airport. These flowers don’t last long, so you have to make do with whatever conditions you get. I was hoping to photograph the sunflowers at sunset, but instead we got gloomy, overcast skies. Fortunately, I had my Nikon SB-900 speedlight, which allowed me to add a little pop to the flowers while preserving the moody look in the sky. I used a fisheye lens to create the interesting curvature in the horizon.

Tech Specs

Nikon D810 with 16mm f/2.8 AF Fisheye Nikkor; Nikon SB-900 fill flash

Workshop Report: Joshua Tree Desert Landscapes

Sunrise in Joshua Tree National Park, California
Sunrise in Joshua Tree National Park, California

I’m back from a brief weekend workshop photographing landscapes in Joshua Tree National Park. We explored creative compositions and spent some time working through image processing, including the use of Luminosity Masks and Color Efex Pro. In all, everyone came away with some nice images and ideas for improving their photography going forward. I really enjoyed working with the group!

My upcoming field workshops and photo safaris are posted here.