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The Image Doctors #183

Photographer Spotlight: Julia Margaret Cameron

This week, we go WAY back to the 1860s and feature the photography of Juliet Margaret Cameron (1813-1879). Cameron picked up photography in its very early stages (glass plates and all) and had the benefit of being in the social circles of many of England’s most prominent intellectuals at that time. Her unique portrait style makes her a photographer worth learning more about, which you can do here.

Leica M11 Monochrom Announced

Leica recently announced their newest monochrome rangefinder camera, the 60-megapixel M11 Monochrom. This camera only captures black and white images, and retails for just under $9200 USD.

Wildlife Photography in Panama

Jason is off to Panama this week, where he’ll be leading a photo safari to an eco lodge on an island on Panama’s Caribbean side. Hear what Panama has to offer wildlife photographers, and what gear Jason’s packing for the trip. Note: Due to travel, we’ll be on hiatus until April 29th.