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Viva Las Vegas!

The Digital Underground workshop took to the streets of Las Vegas.
The Digital Underground workshop took to the streets of Las Vegas.

I’m back from leading a workshop with Deborah Sandidge to the always target-rich environment of Las Vegas, Nevada! This workshop was the first in a series we are calling “Digital Underground,” where we look for urban and edgy subjects, especially after dark!

Over the four day workshop, we hit some pretty amazing locations! You can see a gallery of images from the workshop here. Continue reading Viva Las Vegas!

New Workshop Series: Digital Underground

Odell_20130110_3676_HDR-Edit-2I’m pleased to announce that I’ve teamed up with Deborah Sandidge to develop a series of urban-oriented creative photography workshops that we’re calling “Digital Underground.” In these workshops, we’ll explore interesting locations with an emphasis on creative techniques and twilight/evening shooting. We’ll take a fresh approach to popular locations using long exposures, HDR, monochrome, infrared, and other creative digital techniques. We will also explore each location to include both popular and lesser-known shooting spots.

The best part of these workshops is that we’re deliberately keeping them small; ten photographers is the limit. That means you’ll get lots of personal attention from both myself and Deborah in the field, and we’ll be personally reviewing each photographer’s images during and after the workshop.

To kick off our 2014 series, we’ve chosen a really dynamic location: fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! We’ve created a tremendous itinerary exploring not only the lights of the Las Vegas strip, but also some other cool locations like a ghost town and a private night photography session at the Neon Museum Boneyard.

Join Jason Odell and Deborah Sandidge for Digital Underground: Las Vegas
April 10-13, 2014