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Creative Outdoor Photography Workshop Wrap-Up

Skulls on a truck, Park County, CO (HDR Image)

I just wrapped up a four-day workshop here in Colorado, where we explored creative outdoor photography. We started out by doing traditional landscape photography in Garden of the Gods, then we moved on to several unique locations for interesting compositions and shots. We had a great photo walk in Manitou Springs, and we were able to shoot inside the Miramont Castle, a unique Victorian building. After each morning’s shooting session, we held classroom sessions where we explored the creative aspect of post-processing, including HDR, Monochrome, and Color Efex Pro. We also learned how to use Photoshop layers to maximize our creativity and enhance our workflow with Nik Software plug-ins and Flypaper Textures. Continue reading Creative Outdoor Photography Workshop Wrap-Up

Photo of the Day: Keepin’ Busy

Keepin' Busy (click to enlarge)

It’s getting to be warm enough here in Colorado for the flowers to bloom and the bumblebees to return. I captured this image last year on a casual hike up in the high country, near Divide. I processed this image in three steps:

  1. RAW conversion in Nikon’s Capture NX 2
  2. Softening and color adjustments in Color Efex Pro 4.0, using my custom “Flowers” recipe
  3. Flypaper Texture overlay in a Photoshop layer

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New Book: The Photographer’s Guide to Color Efex Pro 4

The Photographer’s Guide to Color Efex Pro 4 ©2012 Jason P. Odell

I’m pleased to announce the immediate release of The Photographer’s Guide to Color Efex Pro 4! This was a huge undertaking for me, as Color Efex Pro has over 50 different filters, and I had to understand each one in order to make this book as comprehensive as possible. Now, after months of research and experimentation, I’m pleased to release a guide that will have something for just about everyone. Continue reading New Book: The Photographer’s Guide to Color Efex Pro 4

Photo of the Day: Rocky Mountain Sunset

Last light over Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

During my photo safari last year to Rocky Mountain National Park, we had one of those scenes where you just aren’t sure what to do. The clouds were rolling in, and the light turned flat and gloomy. Yet we could see the light hitting Long’s Peak in the distance, and it looked really neat. I shot a bunch of images but none of them looked very inspiring. In fact, they were flat and boring, just like the light. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Rocky Mountain Sunset