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New eBook Coming Soon!

Bird Photography with the Nikon Z9

Coming soon: the complete guide to bird photography with the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera.

I’m putting together a complete settings guide and best practices for photographing birds with the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera. Watch this space for pre-ordering details!

A complete settings and techniques guide to bird photography with the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera

  • Printable PDF eBook
  • A complete list of every setting I use in my Nikon Z9 camera for bird photography, including Shooting Menus and Custom Menus
  • My Z9 Birding Settings file that you can use to load my settings directly onto your Nikon Z9 camera
  • A complete hierarchical (nested) set of keywords of birds of the world
  • My Nikon Z9 Birding Preset for editing RAW images in Adobe Lightroom Classic
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POTD: Royalty

Royal tern in flight captured with the Nikon Z9

Royal tern in flight, La Jolla, CA | Nikon Z9, Nikon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6S VR + Z 1.4x TC

I spent most of last week in San Diego, leading my annual Southern California birding & wildlife workshop. It was my first real test of the new Nikon Z9 and Nikon 100-400mm S lens. The camera and lens combo performed flawlessly, tracking the fast-moving royal terns along the coast as they circled the rocky shore, looking for a landing spot.

Image Specs

  • Nikon Z9
  • 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S Nikkor + Nikon Z teleconverter 1.4x
  • 1/2500s f/9, ISO 1400
  • Hand-held

Mastering Lightroom for Bird Photography

Online Class with Jason Odell, Monday, Feb. 8th

Discover how to work with bird and wildlife images in Adobe Lightroom Classic with Jason P. Odell

I’m pleased to offer online training Monday, February 8th. Mastering Lightroom for Bird Photography is a comprehensive look at using Adobe Lightroom Classic for managing, keywording, and processing bird and wildlife photos.

When: Monday, Feb 8th, 2021 1-2:30pm US Mountain Time
(check the time in your area here)
All registered participants will receive a video replay link! Registration closes prior to the class start. You must be registered before the class starts in order to attend.

The Image Doctors #30

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

Bird Photography With the Nikon Z6

This week, Jason discusses his experience photographing birds and wildlife in San Diego with clients, and the Image Doctors share their thoughts on why DSLRs still have some advantages over mirrorless cameras.

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