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The Long Exposure Technique That Doesn’t Require A Tripod

Create unique abstract images with a swipe

long exposure swipe image
Fireweed (camera swipe)

When I find myself overwhelmed or just need a burst of creativity, I look no further than using a deliberate pan blur, or “swipe” to create an abstract photograph. The idea behind a swipe is to use a relatively long exposure and move the camera either up/down or left/right while dragging the shutter. I find that with the right subjects, I can create some pretty fun images!

Swipes are just one of the many topics I cover in my complete guide to long exposure photography.

Video: How to perform a long exposure swipe

Abstract Aspens

Abstract Aspens
Abstract Aspens

I love photographing in aspen groves. If you let yourself have time to enjoy your surroundings, it can be a very serene experience. I took my clients to a couple of aspen groves during my Fall in the Rockies photo safari, and the colors were wonderful. However, the conditions don’t always lend themselves to great photographs and it can be hard to capture the feeling of the glowing trees in a photograph. The best conditions for fall colors are overcast or partly cloudy days. However, we had clear skies and very harsh light. What to do? Continue reading Abstract Aspens