Hear what Jason’s clients have to say about his photography workshops and tours.

Exploring the Galapagos (2019)

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending several of Jason’s workshops and can say without hesitation that given the time I will certainly take another. His meticulous scouting of locations & helpful instruction have made sure that in each outing I’ve brought home images I love.

Brian Keever, Atlanta, GA

“My wife and I have attended more than a dozen workshops and tours led by Jason Odell over the past several years.  Jason is a very artistic photographer and an excellent teacher. He is very good at placing his clients in places that allow the capture of excellent images. He is very skilled in the technical aspects of modern digital photography and in marrying that knowledge with artistic vision. I highly recommend Jason’s workshops and tours.”

Jim Knighten, Poway, CA

Jason Odell is an outstanding instructor of photography. My first workshop with Jason was in 2007, shooting birds from blinds in south Texas. We shot several hours after dawn and several more hours before sunset, and processed images in midday. That set the pattern for the next 14 workshops I attended, shooting wildlife, landscapes, towns and cities.

A gifted photographer, Jason excels at teaching the technical side: the settings on the camera, how to work from a tripod, how to anticipate a bird about to take flight. Perhaps more significant is that he is an expert at post processing. He has authored a number of books on specific shooting techniques and various post processing software. One significant advantage I find with Jason is that in the days just before a workshop, he always scouts the location to ensure excellent sites to shoot.

His workshops are fun. Aside the photo work, his groups have great times over food and drink. I cannot recommend him strong enough!

Jon Kandel, Alexandria, VA

I have traveled with Jason to San Diego for bird photography and more recently to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for scenic and wildlife photography.   Both trips were quite rewarding and I returned with many great shots.  It was a pleasure to be photographing alongside of Jason who gives so freely of his time and experience.  I feel I really learned from his tips and explanations in a way that makes me a better photographer. 

Ivan Rothman, Roslyn, NY