The Image Doctors #171

Will artificial intelligence kill photography as we know it?

We received an interesting email from one of our listeners, who wanted to know our thoughts on how AI may change our views on photography. Will AI-generated “photos” kill photography, or will the two fields co-exist? Listen to our thoughts as we tackle this interesting subject.

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Bird Photography Workshop for Nikon Users

Second Session Added: March 1-4, 2023

Join me in South Florida to master bird photography with your Nikon camera.

Join me in South Florida to immerse yourself in the art of bird photography with your Nikon camera. This workshop is tailored specifically to Nikon system users, including both DLSR and mirrorless cameras. Each day, we will download and process our images together as a group, receive critiques, and learn my end to end workflow for creating the best possible images using Adobe Lightroom Classic (or ACR), Photoshop, and Topaz AI plug-ins.

This exclusive workshop is limited to 8 participants for a personalized experience and maximum instructor access. Because of the small group size, I’m able to offer a more intimate instructional style that allows each participant to get the knowledge they need to succeed.

Shooting locations

We’ll be photographing at several can’t-miss locations, including the Wakodahatchee Wetlands and Green Cay Wetlands, where you can expect to photograph dozens of bird species from easily accesible open boardwalks.

The Image Doctors #170

Photographic Goals for 2023

Happy new year! We’re back after a short holiday break, and this week we’re sharing some of our photographic goals for the new year. While not exactly “resolutions,” we find that setting out some creative goals can be a very useful way to spark productivity in the coming year.

The Image Doctors #169

Happy Festivus! We’ll start with the airing of grievances

December 23rd officially marks the “holiday” of Festivus, and while we don’t anticipate participating in any feats of strength, we do have some grievances we’d wish to air. So go put on your best puffy shirt, sit back, and enjoy our list of things that annoy us as photographers in 2022. Happy holidays!

The Image Doctors #168

Tips for entering photo contests

This week, we take on the subject of photo contests. Both of us have a lot of experience judging photo competitions, and we’ll offer our advice and what we look for when judging photographs.