The Image Doctors #135

Choosing a Telephoto Lens

This week, Nikon announced the new 800mm f/6.3S Phase Fresnel lens, which weighs in at a stunningly svelte 5.2 lbs. Although good telephoto lenses tend to be expensive, there are some good options out there that won’t completely break your bank. This week, we’ll discuss current options for long (400mm+) telephoto lenses and their pros and cons.

The Image Doctors #134

Small kits vs your smartphone camera

With both of us having some vacation travel recently, we started asking the question about the role of smaller camera systems, and whether or not it’s better to simply use your smartphone when traveling casually. Even “small” camera systems are too big to fit into a coat pocket easily, and the image quality from today’s newer smartphones is quite stunning, especially for tricky low-light situations.

The Image Doctors #133

Field Report: Two months with the Nikon Z9

This week, Jason revisits the Nikon Z9, which he’s now been using for two months. Jason recently published a wildlife photography settings guide for Nikon Z9 users. We’ll also recap some recent product announcements. Note: we’ll be off next week on vacation.

New Products for Photographers

Nikon Z9 Open Chat with Jason Odell

Nikon Z9 camera
Join me online to learn about my experience with the Nikon Z9.

Your Nikon Z9 Questions Answered

Want your Nikon Z9 questions answered? Join me online Friday, March 18th where I’ll answer your questions about the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera.

When: Friday, March 18th 10am US Mountain Time (Noon Eastern)
Where: Zoom meeting

Watch Nikon Z9 Open Chat (replay)

Check out my complete guide to Nikon Z9 settings for bird and wildlife photography: Bird Photography with the Nikon Z9

The Image Doctors #132

We’re back, and this week we’re discussing photography locations in our home state of Colorado. Colorado is a beautiful place to photograph, but there’s some challenges associated with living above 5000′ elevation. We’ll offer some places we love to photograph, plus some locations that we generally avoid due to crowds and other pitfalls.

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