The Image Doctors #19

Dealing with the elements

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

Outdoor photography presents its own set of challenges. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, rain or humidity, or just dealing with hotel power outlets, this week Jason and Rick share their tips for dealing with the elements.

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Mastering Luminosity Masks

Live Training Saturday, Nov. 9th
1-3pm US Eastern Time

Join me to learn how to create and use luminosity masks in Adobe Photoshop

Luminosity Masks are a unique tool that allow you to target tone, color, and contrast adjustments to specific tone ranges in your image. Because luminosity masks are unique to each photograph, they allow your adjustments to blend in perfectly every time.

In this class, I’ll show you how to get creative with advanced luminosity masking techniques using my custom actions. You’ll learn curves adjustments, layer blending mode options, and how to work with zone masks to improve your tricky images.

All registrants will receive a copy of my custom luminosity mask actions for Photoshop, plus a video replay download to watch offline.

Learn more about luminosity masks with my eBook!

Reminder: Set your Camera Clocks back for Standard Time

It’s quick and easy if your camera offers a DST function

Daylight Savings Time (DST) ended in North America on Sunday, November 3rd. That means, we’re back on Standard Time until March 8th, 2020. You probably forgot to change the clock on your camera, though!

Having the correct date and time set in your camera is important because the time stamp that’s embedded in your digital images can be used for record-keeping, and to sync up with GPS track logs.

Most cameras today offer an easy way to set the clock for Daylight Savings Time

Changing your camera’s clock is easy if it has a Daylight Savings Time function (Nikon Z7 shown)

First, find the “Time and Date” menu item in your camera’s settings. Next, see if there is a Daylight Savings or “DST” option. If so, simply set it to OFF and your camera’s clock will “fall back” one hour. If it was already set to OFF, then you’ll need to manually adjust the camera clock. In spring, when DST returns, change the DST setting to ON.

In the fall, set DST to OFF. Change it to ON in the spring!


The Image Doctors #18

Creativity Through “Lo-Fi” Images

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

Sometimes, you don’t need to execute technical perfection to create unique photos with impact. Today we explore ways in which you can use creative techniques that don’t require maximum resolution or perfect exposure. Thanks to listener Mark Finney for the topic suggestion!

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The Image Doctors #17

Switching (or Adding) Camera Systems

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

It happens all the time… the grass looks greener on the other side. Maybe it’s a new lens or a new camera design that really makes you think about switching your system. Maybe you think your existing kit is obsolete. This week, Jason and Rick talk about switching or adding camera systems, and whether it makes sense to do it. Follow the Image Doctors on Facebook and help support us by donating to our Bandwidth Fund.