The Image Doctors #59

Using Wide-Angle Lenses

Last week, we discussed using telephoto lenses, so this week we are going wide! Wide-angle lenses (24mm & wider) are some of the most challenging lenses to use when it comes to composition. Rick and Jason talk about best practices for using wide-angle focal lengths and offer tips and tricks for getting better shots with them.

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The Image Doctors #58

Using telephoto lenses

Most of us think about telephoto lenses as being useful for sports and wildlife photography. However, this week we’ll take a closer look at other ways you can use long focal lengths, plus tips for how to work with these often large lenses.

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The Image Doctors #57

Casual Portrait Photography Tips

This week, Jason and Rick discuss casual portrait photography, including lenses, lighting, and camera settings. Whether you’re doing portraits on vacation, or taking simple family photos, there are some best practices that you can implement to make your portraits stand out.

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The Image Doctors #56

Creating Panoramic Images

This week, we are taking a look at panoramic images. Panoramas are generally images that have a uniquely wide aspect ratio. We like panoramas for their creative impact. You can capture panoramic images in a variety of ways, including cropping in-camera or in post, and by “stitching” together several images captured in sequence.

Watch: Creating Panoramas in Lightroom Classic

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