New Release: The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro

The Photographer's Guide to HDR Efex Pro, by Jason P. Odell & Tony Sweet

A few months ago, I was sitting with Tony Sweet, discussing the joys of teaching photography classes, when the topic turned to HDR photography.  Tony and I had both been beta-testing a new plug-in from Nik Software for performing HDR tone-mapping, and quite frankly we were excited about this new product.  There are a lot of good tone-mapping options out there for HDR, but with Nik’s HDR Efex Pro, photographers have some significant processing advantages.  Continue reading New Release: The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro

Nikon P7000 Firmware 1.1 update

In case you missed it, Nikon has released firmware version 1.1 for their top-end compact digital camera, the P7000.

I just updated the firmware, and I can report a significant reduction in file-save time for raw (NRW) files.  What used to take 5 seconds now takes less than two seconds.

Official updates with this firmware version:

  • Image recording time at image quality settings that include NRW (RAW) has been reduced.
  • Lens control has been optimized to reduce the frequency with which the “Initializing lens. Cannot focus.” message is displayed.
  • An issue that, in some rare cases, prevented zoom operation has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the monitor display to exhibit a loss of detail in highlights (blown highlights) when the shutter-release button was pressed halfway with Active D-Lighting enabled has been resolved.

Get the firmware update (USA) here.

Luminescence of Nature News

One of the images you'll see in The Photographer's Guide to Digital Landscapes

Here’s a quick update on current events here at Luminescence of Nature Photography

  • The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro remains on schedule for a release by the end of December 2010.  Look for it exclusively at Luminescence of Nature Press.   We’ve also created an online gallery of images from the upcoming Guide. Subscribe to my email newsletter (at the bottom of my home page)to be notified of the official release.
  • B&H is offering FREE 2-day SHIPPING on all Nikon products for a limited time!
  • I’ve also been notified that B&H is now taking preorders on the Nikon SB-700 speedlight.
  • Look for some of my photos tomorrow (Dec. 17) at Terry’s Place, a blog for writers.  I’m no mystery writer, but every Friday is something different over there.
  • Keep warm, and happy shooting!