Photographing the Night Sky (Video Workshop)

Learn the tips and tricks for stunning night sky photographs

Learn the secrets to photographing the night sky, Milky Way, and the moon in this video workshop by Jason P. Odell

Night sky photography is a fun way to create stunning images with your digital camera. Advances in sensor technology make capturing images of stars, the moon, and the Milky Way easier than ever. In this video, I will teach you the fundamentals of night sky photography, including:

  • Recommended gear for night sky photography
  • Camera settings & field techniques
  • How to locate & photograph the Milky Way
  • How to photograph star trails
  • How to photograph the moon
  • Best practices for processing night-sky photographs in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Photographing the Night Sky (Video Download)

  • HD (1080p) Quicktime (.mov) format video with printable PDF companion
  • Runtime: 63 minutes
  • Software requirements: Quicktime Player or compatible video viewer; Adobe Reader (for PDF companion)
  • File size: Approximately 252 MB

Download: $24.99 USD


Be sure to check out my complete eBook for night sky photography, The Night Sky Photography Handbook