Z9 Settings for Bird Photography

Nikon Z9 Autofocus and Custom Settings

I’ve spent the last two months working out how to best set up and configure the Nikon Z9 for wildlife photography. The Z9 is a complex beast, and the sheer number of customizations can be overwhelming.

Bird Photography with the Nikon Z9

My PDF Nikon Z9 eBook contains far more than just a list of settings for the Nikon Z9. It’s also a comprehensive look at the Z9 autofocus system, recommended control settings, plus all my field shooting settings.

Bird Photography with the Nikon Z9 is a printable PDF eBook which also includes a Nikon Z9 camera settings file that you can load onto your camera, two Lightroom presets designed specifically for Nikon Z9 raw files which apply sharpening and noise reduction based on ISO, and a keyword list of over 10,000 bird species.

Note: I’m updating the eBook to include changes introduced with Z9 firmware v2.x. All owners will get a free update.