Video Workshop: Birding with the Nikon System

Video workshop with PDF Notes

Learn the secrets to better bird photography using Nikon digital cameras. In this two hour video workshop presented by Jason Odell, you’ll learn best practices for:

  • Exposure & White Balance Settings for bird photography
  • Autofocus modes and settings for bird photography with Nikon DSLRs & Nikon Z mirrorless cameras
  • Custom settings for Nikon DSLR & Nikon Z mirrorless cameras
  • How to photograph birds in flight
  • AF Fine-tuning
  • Camera and lens recommendations
  • Runtime: 117 minutes

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System Requirements

  • Video: QuickTime Movie (.mov) format with chapter bookmarks requires QuickTime Player (or QuickTime compatible player (Mac/PC)
  • Printable PDF companion: Requires Adobe Reader (Mac/PC)
  • ZIP archive utility to extract downloaded files
  • Download: ~381MB Zip Archive