The Complete Guide to Photographing the Night Sky

The Night Sky Photography Handbook

© 2015 Jason P. Odell
ISBN 978-1-4951-6762-1

Master the art of night sky photography with the complete guide by Jason P. Odell
Master the art of night sky photography with the complete guide by Jason P. Odell

How to Photograph the Night Sky

Master night sky photography techniques with this complete handbook for digital photographers by professional photographer Jason P. Odell.

Learn to capture and process creative night sky images including star trails.
Learn to capture and process creative night sky images including star trails.

From how to set up your camera to finding the Milky Way, this handbook teaches you everything you need to make compelling and creative night sky images. Professional photographer Jason P. Odell has put together a complete guide to using your camera after dark. With clear, concise instructions and step by-step examples, The Night Sky Photography Handbook will allow you to master the techniques needed to create stunning night sky landscape photographs.

Topics Include

  • Cameras, lenses and accessories for night photography
  • How to locate the celestial poles and the Milky Way
  • Focusing your camera at night
  • Camera exposure and white balance settings
  • Capturing stars and the Milky Way
  • Creating star trails
  • Photographing the moon
  • Creative techniques for night photography
  • Post-processing and enhancing night sky photographs with Lightroom and Photoshop

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  • User-printable Adobe PDF 7.0 compatible file
  • Bookmarks, interactive table of contents, and live hyperlinks to additional content
  • Requires Adobe Reader 7 or compatible reader software
  • Compatible with iBooks and most tablets that support PDF viewing

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Download The Night Sky Photography Handbook by Jason P. Odell  (Printable PDF eBook)
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Video Companion: Photographing the Night Sky

Video workshop for photographing the night sky (details here): $24.99

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9 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to Photographing the Night Sky”

  1. Jason:
    I attended your class Stretching Time – thank you – great class.
    Have you considered a trip to Fairbanks to photograph the aurora borealis (end of February – burr -40 degrees)?
    I’d be interested if you are planning a trip !

  2. Dear Jason, I got your website information from a friend. I am interested in night sky photography and learning the correct settings. I was recently in the caribbean and tried to capture the beautiful yellowish full moon that rose above the hills. I just wanted to check if your book includes how to capture full moon pictures and not just have a white circle but how to set up the camera to capture the moon, it’s craters and preserve the yellowish color. Please let me know if this is included and I’ll buy your book. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Sincerely Dove Mahnke

  3. Hi Dove,
    Thanks for visiting my site. My Night Sky Photography Handbook does indeed have a chapter dedicated to photographing the moon to get the kind of results you want.

    Happy shooting!

  4. I lived 100 miles south east of Fairbanks for several years. The northern lights are spectacular.
    Your old D3 has shot many pictures up there.

  5. G’day Jason – do you include information on shooting the comet in your Photographing the Night Sky eBook. Is shooting the comet different enough to justify information in the book?


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