Mastering Autofocus in the Nikon Z8 & Z9 Cameras

Video workshop with PDF notes companion

Take a deep dive into the Nikon Z8/Z9 autofocus system and get recommendations for how to configure it for different subjects and start getting better photos right away!

Learn the features of the advanced autofocus system in the Nikon Z8 and Z9 mirrorless cameras

Topics include

  • Understanding Nikon’s AF terminology
  • AF Servo Modes
  • AF-area Modes
  • Understanding 3D-tracking AF
  • Subject-detection settings: when to use them, and how to override them quickly
  • How to learn the behavior of your camera’s autofocus system
  • Custom Menu A (Autofocus) settings
  • My go-to settings for the Z8 & Z9 for different subjects