Master Landscape Photography

The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes

ISBN 978-1-4507-1406-8
©2010 Jason P. Odell

The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes will teach you:

  • How to put together a landscape photography kit for any budget, including cameras, lenses and accessories
  • How to choose and scout your locations
  • Fundamentals of exposure, composition, and lighting
  • Choosing the right filters
  • How to set up your camera to take the best shots, including HDR and stitched panoramas
  • Digital post-processing techniques, including HDR, panorama stitching, and digital black & white conversion
  • Includes example images with descriptions of the techniques used to produce them, including composition, camera settings, and post-procesing effects
Download The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes

The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes is available as a printable PDF  (~20MB).

System Requirements and Features
  • Mac or PC with Adobe Reader 7 or later
  • User-printable document
  • Interactive cross-references, index, and table of contents
Reader Reviews of The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes

“Great for beginner and intermediate shooters, and plenty of tidbits for advanced shooters, too. Great book, Jason!”
–J. Kandel, New York, USA

“An excellent integration of diverse information in a coherent and right-to-the-point style. Very efficient writing that is easy to follow. Congrats Jason!”– Y. Bedard., Quebec, Canada

“A great book in the tradition of staying true to yourself. I always find something new in your writing, even if it is a thought about thinking from a different point of view. Your book inspires me with more love for photography. Thank you.” — F.M. Schneider, Pennsylvania, USA

“A comprehensive, easy-to-understand MUST-HAVE for anyone interested in improving their overall digital landscape photography experience. Packed with practical information, this eBook will ensure that the next time you go out to shoot landscapes, you will come back with better images AND have more fun doing it.” — S. Fong, California, USA

“Shaw’s landscape photography books are excellent, and this one falls in that class for me. It’s down to earth with just the right level of technical advice without being preachy. Nice job Dr. Odell, thanks.” — S. Konrad, Washington, USA

“I wanted to tell you that you did incredibly excellent work in this PDF. The amount of information WELL EXCEEDS the price you’re charging. Thanks for making this book.” — C. Johnson, Colorado, USA