Advanced Masking with Lightroom Classic CC (video workshop)

Master Selection Masks in Lightroom Classic CC

Learn to make powerful corrections and enhancements to your images without Photoshop.
Learn to make powerful corrections and enhancements to your images without Photoshop.

In the digital darkroom, local adjustments go beyond simple dodging and burning. In Lightroom, you can use brushes and gradients to enhance or diminish specific areas of your images, correct exposure, and modify color and sharpness. The key to making good local adjustments is to first understand how specific adjustment tools work, and then to use know key ways of putting those tools to work for you. Unlike in Photoshop, the local adjustment tools in Lightroom are incredibly powerful because they operate on your image directly on the raw file and are completely non-destructive. Join photographer Jason P. Odell as he guides you through the mechanics and art of working with Lightroom’s local adjustment tools. Master the tools and then learn to apply them in creative ways to enhance your images for maximum impact. You’ll be able to follow along with a 54-page printable PDF companion notes package.

Please note: This tutorial covers Lightroom Classic versions 4-10. I’m working on an update that covers Lightroom 11.

Topics include:

  • How to create selections with the Adjustment Brush and Gradient Tools
  • Refining selections with Auto Masking and Range Masking
  • Creating luminosity masks in Lightroom
  • How to refine and manage multiple selections
  • Keyboard shortcuts for local editing tools
Learn techniques for creating high-fidelity image masks in Lightroom.
Learn techniques for creating high-fidelity image masks in Lightroom.
System Requirements and Tech Specs
  • High-speed Internet connection recommended to download files after purchase (total file size ~ 600MB)
  • PC or Mac with QuickTime Player or compatible player required to view videos
    • Video runtime: approximately 90 minutes
    • Video is presented in 1280×720 resolution HD, Quicktime (.mov) format
  • Companion PDF requires Adobe Reader 7 or later; user printable
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  1. Hello, Jason,
    I bought your LR: Mastering Brushes & Gradients workshop in March, 2015. Obviously there is much new by now in LR Classic 2018. Nevertheless, I wanted to check with you regarding this upgrade to the Brushes & Gradients workshop. Is there enough additional or new in this upgraded version of the workshop that I might want to purchase it, or am I just as well off letting it go? Perhaps I’m asking a stupid question, but there’s no point in buying something that’s mostly a repeat. Thanks so much for your response.

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