Learn to Use Photoshop Layers (video)

Layers of Creativity: Photoshop layers video tutorial

We all have images that are interesting, but uninspiring. Allow your inner artist to come forth by unleashing creative effects using Photoshop layers. In this 55-minute video workshop, photographer Jason P. Odell shows you how to work with these powerful tools to create digital masterpieces.

See Jason’s computer screen in perfect detail as he walks you through the step by-step procedures for creative image editing in Photoshop. Learn how to mix traditional effects with layer masks to create complex images combining HDR, Plug-in filters, and Texture images to make dramatic works of digital art. These techniques go beyond what can be done in Lightroom or other RAW editors alone.

Learn how to non-destructively restrict effects filters to localized areas of your images.
  • Introduction to Layers
    • Standard Layers & Layer Masks
    • Layer Opacity and Blending Modes
    • Adding Adjustment Layers
    • Smart Object Layers
  • Exposure Blending Techniques (Example Image)
  • Hybrid HDR Techniques (Example Image)
  • Using Nik Plug-ins with layers
    • Grunge portrait with Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4 (Example Image)
    • Using plug-ins as Smart Filters
    • Using Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 to create moody textures on color images (Example Image)
  • Applying Textures to images (Example Image)
  • Combining all effects in a large composite (Example Image)
System Requirements

Mac or PC computer QuickTime Player Software (free download) Compatible with iPad*

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*Special Note: This product is delivered as a ZIP archive.  To download the files to an iPad, you will need  a free ZIP utility, such as iZip for iOS. Android users should consider using WinZip. Otherwise, download and extract the files to a Mac or PC and then transfer them to your tablet device.