Advanced Sharpening With Lightroom Classic CC

Master Sharpening & Noise Reduction in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

New training module for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (v. 8) updated October 2018

Lightroom Sharpening Video
Master sharpening and noise reduction in Lightroom Classic CC with a video tutorial from Jason P. Odell

Of all the elements of digital image processing, sharpening seems to be the most confounding. Applying proper sharpening can be the difference between a professional image and one that looks like it came out of a pressure cooker. Advanced Sharpening with Lightroom is an in-depth video module that teaches you everything you need about sharpening with Lightroom Classic CC (2018).

I’ll walk you through each tool in the Detail Panel, and show you how to use the sliders to deliver sharp images in the context of the three-stage sharpening workflow originally described by Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe, including capture, creative, and output sharpening. Additionally, I will show you the noise reduction tools in Lightroom and how to best apply them. Because Lightroom Classic CC includes a subscription to Adobe Photoshop, I also spend time showing you how to creatively sharpen images with popular Photoshop tools such as High Pass, and how to apply selective sharpening with plug-ins, such as the Nik Collection and Luminar.

You will also receive a printable PDF notes package that includes all the settings described in the video tutorial.

You will learn:

  • Why we need to sharpen and how sharpening tools work
  • Functions of each sharpening slider in Lightroom Classic CC
  • How to adjust sharpening with brushes
  • How to smooth water, skin & skies
  • Secret Lightroom Sharpening Tricks, including creating Gaussian Blurs and removing sharpening completely
  • Noise Reduction techniques
  • Creative Sharpening in Adobe Photoshop CC
    • Camera Raw sharpening
    • High Pass
    • Sharpening with Plug-ins
  • Output sharpening in Lightroom for print or screen output

System Requirements

  • This product is delivered as a digital download; ~637 MB ZIP archive. I recommend a broadband internet connection to download this product. You will need to use a ZIP utility to extract and view the files.
  • Video: 1080 High Definition QuickTime (.mov) movie
    Requires QuickTime Player. Runtime: approximately 96 minutes
  • Presentation Notes: Adobe PDF format; user printable

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Advanced Sharpening with Lightroom is available as a direct download from Luminescence of Nature Press.



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