Master Infrared Image Processing

Digital Image Processing with Lightroom & Photoshop

Digital Infrared Processing With Lightroom & Photoshop (Video Workshop)

Digital infrared photography is an incredible way to create unique images, extend your shooting day, and add a creative element to your portfolio. However, processing raw files in 3rd-party software, especially Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, has always been a bit of a challenge. In this instructional video workshop, I’ll take you through all of the steps necessary to work with your raw digital infrared images directly in Lightroom/ACR and Photoshop. The high-definition  video files are downloadable QuickTime movie (.mov) files that include chapter markers for quick indexing. You’ll also receive a printable PDF notes package with screen shots from the presentation showing settings and other controls.

Digital Infrared Processing with Lightroom & Photoshop contains nearly two hours of hands-on training, in which I’ll clearly show you:

  • How to choose an infrared conversion type that suits your personal style
  • What subjects work well in infrared
  • How to create a custom camera profile so that you can set proper white balance in ACR/Lightroom
  • Global processing of color and monochrome infrared images in Lightroom/ACR using the Develop module
  • How to remove hotspots in Lightroom/ACR and using Viveza 2
  • How to convert color infrared images to monochrome using Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro 2 and replicate the classic “deep black” style.
  • How to process color infrared images in Lightroom and Photoshop, including:
    • Creating a standard (720nm) infrared look from a super-color IR camera
    • Channel-swapping (blue-sky effect) in Photoshop and Viveza 2
    • Color-tinting in Photoshop and with Viveza 2
  • Using Color Efex Pro 4 and other plug-ins to add special effects to color and monochrome infrared images
  • How to overlay textures on infrared image files
The HD videos are annotated and include chapter markers for easy navigation.
The HD videos are annotated and include chapter markers for easy navigation.
What’s Included
  • Three-part video tutorial in QuickTime (.mov) format. Each video is annotated and includes chapter markers for easy navigation.
  • Printable PDF notes package that follows the organizational flow of the tutorial videos and includes settings and screen-shots for reference
System Requirements and Tech Specs
  • High-speed Internet connection recommended to download files after purchase (total file size ~ 955MB in 4 parts)
  • PC or Mac with QuickTime compatible player required to view videos
    • Video runtime: approximately 107 minutes
    • Videos are 1280×720 resolution HD, Quicktime (.mov) format
  • Companion PDF requires Adobe Reader 7 or later; user printable
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2 thoughts on “Master Infrared Image Processing”

  1. Really enjoyed this workshop. I learned so much. Am not a complete novice to infrared photography, but learned a ton in this workshop. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in infrared photography. You fill in a lot of the blanks. Well worth the cost. A+

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