Digital Painterly Expansion Pack

Royalty-Free Texture Images for Digital Artists

Royalty-free texture images
The Digital Painterly Expansion Pack includes 32 royalty-free images.

I’m pleased to introduce the Digital Painterly Expansion Pack; 32 royalty-free texture images. These unique texture images are delivered as high-resolution JPEG images (6000 x 4000 pixels) and are compatible with any image editor that supports layers. You can use one or more textures to create unique artistic images when you combine the Digital Painterly Expansion Pack with your digital images or graphic designs.

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The Digital Painterly Expansion Pack
Royalty-free texture images
The Digital Painterly Expansion Pack is a set of 32 high-resolution texture images.
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Digital Painterly Expansion Pack (32 textures)
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Digital Painterly Pack (20 textures)
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Digital Painterly Bundle (includes both Digital Painterly sets)
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System Requirements
  • Files are delivered as ZIP archive
  • Image editor software that supports layers, including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Luminar
Usage Rights

These stock texture images are offered as royalty-free images for photographers and graphic artists. As the purchaser of this texture pack, you are permitted to use any of the included  images provided it is combined with another image in an artistic manner. You are permitted to use these images for both personal and commercial use. Jason P. Odell Photography retains the ownership of all the textures under intellectual property and copyright laws. Users are not permitted to:

  • Share, distribute, or resell the these texture images in an unmodified form, e.g. as a stand-alone texture image or as a collection of textures.
  • Include the texture images with any photo editing, 3D/ painting programs, or photo kiosk software.
  • Upload unmodified texture images to file-sharing or social media websites.

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