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The Image Doctors #228

Our Workflow for High ISO Images

Newer digital cameras do an excellent job with handling noise at higher ISOs, but they are not noise-free. When you shoot action like sports or wildlife, especially if you’re not using fast (read: expensive) lenses, you can easily find yourself shooting well over ISO 6400. The good news is that modern AI-based software tools for noise reduction can handle these shots and deliver results that look like you were shooting at low ISOs!

This week, we’ll share our fundamental workflow for high-ISO photos, and we’ll be doing a demonstration for our show sponsors in an upcoming bonus video.

Vintage Film Presets for ACR & Adobe Lightroom

Recreate the look of your favorite film stocks with a single click

I’ve spent several months developing settings to recreate the look of classic films and they are now available as a set of presets and profiles for Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom/Lightroom Classic. My Vintage Presets Pack includes 47 ACR/Lightroom presets for emulating 27 classic films, plus 37 creative profiles for creating your own custom vintage looks.

Original (left) | Velvia (Right)

27 Film Looks With a Single Click

Color Print Films

  • Gold 100/200/400/800
  • Superia 100/200/400/800
  • Portra 160

Color Slide Films

  • Kodachrome 64
  • Astia 100
  • Provia 100
  • Velvia 100

Black and White Films

Original (left) | Tri-X (right)
  • Ilford Pan 50
  • APX Pro 100
  • Neopan Pro 100
  • TMax 100
  • Plus-X 125
  • APX Pro 400
  • Delta Pro 400
  • HP5 Plus 400
  • Neopan 400
  • TMax 400
  • Tri-X 400
  • Neopan Pro 1600
  • Delta Pro 3200
  • Tmax Pro 3200

Recreating Vintage Film Looks in ACR/Lightroom

Webinar Replay and New Preset Collection!

I’ve spent the last several months creating a set of Lightroom/ACR presets that recreate the look of traditional film stocks with a single click. Learn more about how I use them in the video below, and be sure to check out my new Vintage Preset Pack for Lightroom.

Watch: Recreating Vintage Film Looks in ACR & Lightroom

What’s New in Lightroom (October 2023)

Adobe just added some new features to Lightroom/Lightroom Classic, and a couple of them are truly game-changers!

  • Lens Blur (Beta): You can create depth-maps on your photos to emulate shallow depth of field and bokeh. Despite being an early release, it’s actually quite good for some photos!
  • HDR Editing: Added support for HDR displays which allows you to edit your HDR images in a huge tone space. Spoiler alert: If you aren’t using a HDR display, you won’t benefit from this tool. You will also still need to tone-map your HDR images back to SDR space for printing and sharing.
  • Point Color Editor: This tool gives you precise control for adjusting hue, saturation, and brightness (luminance) of individual colors. But the game-changer is that it’s available in the Masking Panel! Now you can control individual colors on your selection masks like never before.

The Image Doctors #206

New England & Canada cruise, and new features in Lightroom!

This week, we’re back from a little vacation to New England and Canada on a cruise. We stopped in NYC, Newport, Rhode Island, Boston, and then St. John and Halifax in Canada. Hear what we shot with and more.

Adobe recently updated Lightroom with some cool new features, which we’ll discuss. You can also check out Jason’s YouTube video for a live demo!