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“The Image Doctors” Jason Odell & Rick Walker discuss photography in this weekly podcast. Topics include gear reviews, photography tips & tricks, and digital processing software.

The Image Doctors #33

The role of film in a digital world?

We got a great question recently on our Image Doctors Facebook Page from listener Leigh Gregory, who asked if we were shooting film anymore, and if we had any tips. It got us thinking and before we knew it, we were discussing the role of film in modern photography. Enjoy!

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The Image Doctors #32

The right way to hand-hold your camera & cold-weather shooting tips

This week, Jason & Rick answer a listener question from our Facebook Page regarding an upgrade from the Nikon D700 to either the new D780 DSLR or the Z6 mirrorless camera. Then, we discuss proper hand-holding techniques and how to deal with shooting in frigid temperatures.

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The Image Doctors #31

Backup Strategies for Photographers

Are your images safe? This week, Jason and Rick discuss their strategies for backing up images in the field and at home.

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The Image Doctors #30

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

Bird Photography With the Nikon Z6

This week, Jason discusses his experience photographing birds and wildlife in San Diego with clients, and the Image Doctors share their thoughts on why DSLRs still have some advantages over mirrorless cameras.

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The Image Doctors #29

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

Our Favorite Photo Locations

We all have favorite places for photography. Whether it’s in a national park, or exploring a city or country, here are some of our favorite places to shoot, and reasons why some of the better locations might not be what you expect.

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