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“The Image Doctors” Jason Odell & Rick Walker discuss photography in this weekly podcast. Topics include gear reviews, photography tips & tricks, and digital processing software.

The Image Doctors #211

Checking your lenses for defects

While most camera lenses produced these days are excellent, sometimes you get a defective one. It’s happened to both of us a few times over the years. This week, we’ll talk about what to look for when you’re evaluating a new lens, and how to spot common defects.

The Image Doctors #210

The Best Used Cameras

It’s that time of year where dread starts to seep in… no, not Aunt Mabel’s fruit cake, but what to do when a friend asks you “what’s a good camera; I only have a few hundred dollars to spend.”

Well, that’s where we come in. Assuming your friend (or relative) really understands what it means to operate a “real” camera, then there are lots of good options out there on the used market. Today, we’ll go through a short list of camera bodies which still deliver the goods and are great values.

The Image Doctors #209

Holiday Gift List for Photographers

This week, we bring you our annual holiday gift ideas! In addition to the usual items, which never go out of style, we’re also including some items that we’ve been personally fond of over the past year.

Check out our complete list of holiday gift ideas here.

The Image Doctors #208

Global Shutter? The Sony A9 III

This week, Sony introduced the A9 III with 120fps raw shooting and a “Global shutter.” We’ll talk about what this technology is, and how it different from other types of electronic shutters.

The Image Doctors #207

Handling formal portrait shoots

This week, Canon has announced 3 new RF lenses, and then we’ll turn our attention to a situation many of us have faced: what to do when you’re asked to do “formal” portraits for a friend or family member. In this case, Rick talks about what went into preparing for an engagement photo shoot for one of his relatives.

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