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“The Image Doctors” Jason Odell & Rick Walker discuss photography in this weekly podcast. Topics include gear reviews, photography tips & tricks, and digital processing software.

The Image Doctors #152

Flash photography in the age of high ISO

We received a question from one of our listeners, who wanted to know if we used flash anymore. Given the amazing high ISO performance of today’s digital cameras, you might thing flash is unnecessary. However, there is still a role for flash photography, especially for indoor events, studio work, and balancing harsh outdoor light. We’ll discuss how we use flash, along with a recap of the fundamentals of flash exposure (good to know) and how to easily control flash with your camera.

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The Image Doctors #151

High Country Wildlife Photography

Yellow-bellied marmot (Photo by Jason Odell)

We took our annual trip into the Colorado high country this week, driving to the top of Mt. Evans. Along the way, we photographed mountain goats, bighorn sheep, marmots, and other alpine wildlife. We’ll talk about what gear we used, and what settings worked for this style of photography.

The Image Doctors #150

Sharpening Your Images

This week, we’re discussing image sharpening. If you’re not sharpening your images, you’re probably not getting the best quality out of your files. In-camera sharpening can be particularly poor, and often leads to more noticeable noise. We’ll walk you through the steps we use to sharpen (and apply noise reduction) and the tools we use to do it.

The Image Doctors #149

Photographing a Street Parade

Last weekend, we attended the Pikes Peak Pride festival, and had a fantastic time photographing the colorful parade-goers and the parade itself. It was a great way for us to get more comfortable photographing people in a public setting. We’ll tell you our approach to photographing this event, what we did well, and what we would do differently next time.

The Image Doctors #148

Printing Your Photos

Once upon a time, the only way we could share photos was by printing them. Now, thanks to the internet and social media, sharing photos has become a digital experience. This week, we discuss the value of printing your photos, the tools and workflow we use, and the ease of using online printing services.