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Birds in Flight Photography Workshop

January 22-26, 2023 in La Jolla, CA

Royal Tern, La Jolla, CA

Join me in La Jolla, California to immerse yourself in the art of bird photography. This exclusive instructional photo safari is limited to six (6) participants for a personal experience that you can’t get from the big tours. I offer “ask me anything” instruction during the safari to ensure you’re getting the best quality images. Because of the small group size, I’m able to offer a more intimate instructional style that allows each participant to get the knowledge they need to succeed.

Winter is the breeding season for the pelicans and cormorants in southern California, so we’ll be able to capture them in their colorful breeding plumage.

This workshop is perfect for intermediate to advanced photographers who wish to learn how to capture stunning images of birds in flight. We will have the opportunity to photograph numerous species, including pelicans, cormorants, gulls, and terns. We will also likely encounter sea lions and other wildlife on the beaches, and have the opportunity to get some nice sunsets and environmental shots.

Each day, we will download and process our images together as a group, get critiques, and learn new techniques to make your photos stand out. I will work with you to capture and process the best possible images into beautiful finished products.

Click the RSVP button to learn more, and to register! This event is limited to 6 photographers.


The Image Doctors #147

Architectural Photography

This week, we’re talking about architecture photography. Architectural subjects are easy to find, and a very typical subject when you’re traveling or even in your own home town. It’s more than just photographing buildings! We discuss some creative approaches that we use when photographing architecture, including tips for post-processing your images.

Join us in Denver: Sept. 29-Oct 2

We’re hosting a small-group photography workshop event in downtown Denver, Colorado.

The Image Doctors #143

Traveling through Portugal & Major Lightroom Updates!

We’re back this week after Rick returned from a vacation trip to Portugal. Many times, our travels don’t always line up for “pure photography” so Rick will discuss how he used his OM System OM-1 and his iPad Pro to work on his photos while traveling.

Earlier this week, we saw updates to the Nik Collection by DXO (paid upgrade) as well as Lightroom/Photoshop. Lightroom’s masking tools got a HUGE boost to functionality by adding a true “Invert Mask” function. We both think it’s a great update, and recommend our Lightroom users update their software to the latest version.

Get Ready to Photograph the Lunar Eclipse

Blood Moon Visible Sunday, May 15th

The 2019 total lunar “blood moon” eclipse

This weekend, get ready for a total lunar eclipse! The eclipse takes place the night of May 15th and ends early in the morning on May 16th. Most readers in North America will be able to see a total or partial eclipse.

Check to see where and when you can view the 2022 Blood Moon

Tips for photographing a lunar eclipse

If you want to photograph the total lunar eclipse, you’ll want to be prepared. Read my article How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse for all the tricks you’ll need to capture this celestial event, including lenses and camera settings.

The Image Doctors #136

Nikon Z9 firmware 2.0 announced

Today, Nikon announced firmware update 2.0 for the flagship Z9 mirrorless camera. We’ll unpack what’s been announced, what we like, and what improvements we’d still like to see in the Nikon Z9. The new firmware will be available on April 20th, and has lots of major improvements for both still and video capture.

Nikon Z9 Firmware 2.0 details (Nikon USA)