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2024 Bird Photography Workshops

Master Bird Photography in California & Florida

Photograph birds in flight with me in San Diego, California, January 14-17, 2024

I’m pleased to announce two birding workshops for 2024. Both of these locations offer can’t-miss bird photography experiences for photo enthusiasts. Both of these workshops are limited in size to offer the best possible instructional experience. I’ll be specializing in Nikon and Olympus/OM System cameras.

Both of these workshops include field and classroom instruction. You’ll learn the optimum settings for bird photography, workflow, and post-processing techniques. Reserve your space before they sell out!

Want even more wildlife photography? Join me in Panama Oct. 18-26 for an unforgettable experience

I’m taking a very small group back to a private eco lodge on a Caribbean island in Panama for an exclusive birds & wildlife photo adventure! Learn more about this trip here.

Snail kite, Bocas del Toro, Panama

The Image Doctors #194

Road Trip!

This week, we took a short road trip down to southern Colorado, where we photographed abandoned towns and the historic downtown of Trinidad. Hear what motivated us, what gear we used, and the styles of images we produced. You can check out our image galleries here.

A is for Aesthetic

Understanding the creative aspect of lens aperture

Shallow depth of field provides subject isolation and sets images captured with dedicated digital cameras apart from those captured with smartphones.

We all learn in Photography 101 that the aperture setting is a physical property of the lens, and you can vary its size to control the amount of light entering your camera. Usually, we think of aperture as it relates to the rules of exposure.

Back when I was shooting film and early digital cameras, it was considered ideal to have a “fast” lens (meaning one with an aperture of f/2.8 or wider). Why? because with limited ISO options (remember film rarely was faster than ISO 800 and early DSLRs got noisy in a hurry above ISO 400), a fast lens meant you could shoot hand-held in dim conditions without a flash.

Today, ISO no longer limits most photographers. Sure, images are still cleaner and have greater dynamic range at a camera’s base ISO, but you can shoot above ISO 6400 these days pretty much with impunity. That means you have much more creative latitude to choose the aesthetic of your shots by varying the lens aperture.

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Nikon Issues Technical Service Advisory for Z8 Cameras

Nikon to repair affected Z8 bodies for free

Image from Nikon USA

Nikon recently issued a service advisory regarding the new Z8 mirrorless camera.

Users of the Z 8 camera have informed us that in some rare cases, a lens cannot be mounted on the camera because the lens cannot be rotated to the locked position.

–Nikon USA

The affected camera bodies are identified by serial number. Visit Nikon’s Z8 service advisory page, enter your serial number, and see if your camera is affected. If it is, you will receive a pre-paid shipping label to send your camera to the nearest Nikon service center.

My clients are reporting that the turn around time for this service is about one week.

Nikon Z9 eBook Now Updated for Z8

Camera Settings for wildlife photography using the Nikon Z8 and Z9 cameras

Bird photography with the Nikon Z9 cover image
Bird Photography with the Nikon Z9 (Third Edition) covers settings using Z9 firmware 4.00 and adds settings for the Nikon Z8 camera.

I’m pleased to announce that my comprehensive settings guide for the Nikon Z9 is now updated to include settings for the Z9 and Z8 cameras. You can get my complete Z9 and Z8 camera settings here.

The latest update (Third Edition) covers Z9 firmware 4.00 and adds settings for the Nikon Z8 camera.