The Image Doctors #226

Get creative with alternative crops

This week, we chat about using alternative aspect ratios as a creative tool. You might be able to choose crop ratios in your camera, or you can crop your images later in post. Different camera models handle in-camera cropping differently, so you’ll want to check to see if raw files are cropped, or if the original file dimensions are preserved.

We also talk briefly about trends in Arca-Swiss compatible plates and brackets from Chinese brands that can save you a lot of money, but are they well-made?

One thought on “The Image Doctors #226”

  1. One of you was surprised to hear that medium formant has a 3:4 image ratio. In fact all sensors are 3:4 except full frame and APS-C. Those inherited their sizes of course because of 35mm had a 2:3 ratio. Oskar Barnack who designed the ur-Leica came up with it after merging the size of two 3:4 ratio frames of cinema film into one 2:3 ratio frame. For a long time there was not a general standard for frames on 35mm. Nikon for example preferred 4:5, which is still an option in many of their current cameras. The 2:3 general standard was chosen when slide film became popular. The 3:4 sensors are more economic and they are available in all sizes. Full frame and APS-C are in fact design survival, not the result of clever research.

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