The Image Doctors #219

Photographing car shows and other automotive displays

We might be in the dead of winter right now, but spring is right around the corner, and that means the car show season will soon be in full swing. Whether it’s restored vintage automobiles, hot rods, or rusted relics in a junkyard, we’ll give you our tips and tricks for photographing cars at these events.

Spring Photo Safari with Jason & Rick

Join us for a small-group photo safari to California’s redwood coast, May 15-19, 2024. Space is extremely limited for this unique safari location.

2 thoughts on “The Image Doctors #219”

  1. Loved this podcast, but was a little disappointed you didn’t touch on the recently released Nikon Z8 2.0 update. Maybe in a future podcast, go into the new features like bird-detection AF, Auto capture or pixel shift shooting.
    Also, will you be updating your ebook on bird photography?

  2. Neither of us has a Z8 to test, and that firmware came out after we’d recorded the episode. My understanding is that the Bird AF is an improved algorithm. Given the divergence between the two cameras, it’s nearly impossible for me to update the eBook as it currently exists.

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