The Image Doctors #217

A smaller kit without changing systems?

Last week, we had a great discussion about moving to smaller format systems as a way of reducing the size and weight of your camera kit. But what if you want to stick with a full-frame (35mm) system and get lighter?

The good news is that many of today’s slower, or variable-aperture mirrorless system lenses are very, very good. In the past, you’d have sacrificed optical quality with slower lenses, and you’d have to stop them down significantly to get better sharpness and clarity. Today’s mirrorless system lenses, including lenses in the f/4.0 range from Canon, Nikon, and Sony are very good, and can be shot wide-open without concern. By moving from fast glass to slightly slower glass, you can downsize your system weight while still using a camera body that you know and love.

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