The Image Doctors #216

On the joys (and fears) of downsizing

This week, we’re joined by Dennis Mook, a former forensic photographer and longtime friend of the program. Recently, Dennis has been contemplating switching from a full-frame kit to smaller format cameras due to their smaller size and weight; something that we can all appreciate as we get older. But, are there compromises with using smaller-format systems, such as Fuji (APS-C) or Micro 4/3rds? We’ll get Dennis’ first-hand take on this, as he’s used Nikon, Fuji, and Olympus/ OM System cameras for many years now.

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3 thoughts on “The Image Doctors #216”

  1. Gave up Nikon Z for all the reasons covered. Now have an X-T30ii, 23 and 35 f2 and a 16-80 f4. I don’t miss anything really, I’m mainly street and landscape. All goes in a nice Billingham bag and gets shot in jpg. No one would know Great show.

  2. My camera journey was a litte different. Leica M3 (loved it), Olympus OM4T(loved it), Canon F1n (hated it), Nikon D100 thru D300 (loved them, but no successor), Nikon D800(did not like it)Fujifilm XT1 thru XT5(loved them all and equal or better images the the D800), Panasonic GM5(loved it for occasional pocket camra use). So I never liked big cameras. Hated traveling with the D800. In India children would run the length of a football field to have their picture taken with the big camera. Had people turn away from it or cover their faces. Oh, yeah there was the Mamiya 7 which never got used and I never became a modern Ansel Adams.

    I think I bought stuff when I was young because of the possibilities, never know where I would be taken. Now anything has more possibilities than I do.

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