Nikon Z9 Wildlife Settings Guide Update for Nikon Z8

Free update to all Z9 eBook owners

I’m working on a revision to my Z9 eBook to include the newly released Nikon Z8. The two cameras share the same autofocus system, and new Z8 owners can start reading about it by getting my Z9 book. The Z8 version will be a FREE upgrade to all existing eBook owners.

What’s New in the Second Edition

  • I’ve fully updated the printable PDF guide to include new features in Z9 firmware 2.1, including:
    • Wide-area Custom AF
    • Recall shooting settings (hold)
    • Focus recall
    • Pre-burst capture
    • Focus point selection speed
    • High FPS viewfinder display
  • I completely revised my custom settings to incorporate the new features in the Z9 and my most recent control configurations for both BBF and Shutter AF

Coming Soon: Firmware 3 (Z9) and Z8 updates

There are a few tweaks I’ve made to my Z9 settings after the release of firmware version 3, and those will be in the updated edition, along with settings for Nikon Z8 owners.

4 thoughts on “Nikon Z9 Wildlife Settings Guide Update for Nikon Z8”

  1. I just purchased the kindle version of your Zp bird book via amaze and can’t figure out how to download the camera/settings files?
    Thank you,
    Randy Gaines

  2. So for those who purchased the original edition I thought we received the update. I only found that you have the update by Google, even though I subscribed?

  3. Hi,

    I purchased your Z9 ebook, you mention installing
    the custom camera settings from a file included in the purchase.
    I can’t find this file. Could you send it to me please.



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