The Image Doctors #143

Traveling through Portugal & Major Lightroom Updates!

We’re back this week after Rick returned from a vacation trip to Portugal. Many times, our travels don’t always line up for “pure photography” so Rick will discuss how he used his OM System OM-1 and his iPad Pro to work on his photos while traveling.

Earlier this week, we saw updates to the Nik Collection by DXO (paid upgrade) as well as Lightroom/Photoshop. Lightroom’s masking tools got a HUGE boost to functionality by adding a true “Invert Mask” function. We both think it’s a great update, and recommend our Lightroom users update their software to the latest version.

One thought on “The Image Doctors #143”

  1. Listening to your discussion around LR Mobile. I had to smile, your experience was 180 Deg out from mine. I have a M1 ipad, the latest generation with 2 TB of internal storage. I purchased the storage with the intention of using the iPad instead of a laptop on photo trips. I had LR sync turned off as syncing hundreds of giga bites of data over the motel wifi was a non starter. using the Z9/lossless compressed LR choked at about 6ooo images. I was importing into LR, then exporting original images out to an external SSD for back up. I first noticed that LR would slow down to a stall, I could turn the iPad off, and back on then it would function normally for a short period of time the grind to a halt. Giving me the impression that a Cache was filling up, and not reallocating the memory after use. When I would export originals to the SSD for backup Lr would report say 2000 images transferred…..but looking at the folder on the SSD there would be maybe 150 images.. The others never got transferred even thought LR said they did. Not good for a backup system. Here I thought I was backing up every image, and in reality maybe only 25 % was getting backed up. I found out that if I restarted the iPad before every export to backup then all the images would get transferred. Needless to say LR is off my iPad, and computer. There is nothing like being thousands of miles from home on a photo shoot, and not knowing if the 12,000 + images that you have shot are safe and secure, or will even be accessible when you get home. Half way though when I discovered the problem I stopped re-formatting my memory cards keeping all my images on a card. I will be leaving for the Arctic Circle here in a month for a few weeks, and that will be my plan….Take a enough memory cards so I don’t have to reformat. Leave the laptop, and iPad at home.

    PS I would have contacted you through Facebook, but I have been banned for life, something the “Donald” and I have in common.

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