Nikon Z Mirrorless Infrared Lens Performance Review

water lilies
Water lilies, Denver, CO
Nikon Z6 with 24-70mm f/4 S Z-mount Nikkor lens

I recently converted a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera to capture infrared images. Along with my Image Doctors co-host Rick Walker, I tested most of the new Nikon Z-mount lenses to see how well they performed for infrared photography, including sharpness and the appearance of hot-spots. We also tested a slate of F-mount lenses using the Nikon FTZ adapter to see how well they performed on the Nikon Z6 in infrared.

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One thought on “Nikon Z Mirrorless Infrared Lens Performance Review”

  1. Do you have any workarounds when it comes to that annoying diagnostic LED that shows up as a purple blob when shooting in low light situations? Any ideas as to where it is on the board and if physically obscuring it will result in any repercussions? I know that it won’t come on if you shoot in silent mode, but then in that mode you basically can’t shoot in any environment where there are LEDS or you get banding.

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