Pro Tip: Cleaning Up Your Lightroom Catalog

Streamline Your Lightroom Catalog

I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom (Lightroom Classic) in earnest for about five years now, and my image library contains over 80,000 photos. Every now and then, I like to streamline my catalog to reduce clutter. A great way to do this is by using the “Refine Photos” command in Lightroom Classic:

Easily reduce clutter and streamline your Lightroom Classic catalog with the “refine photos” tool.

2 thoughts on “Pro Tip: Cleaning Up Your Lightroom Catalog”

  1. Jason, there must be a way you could save the big catalog and create a new one with the flagged pics. Maybe just do a backup first and archive it somewhere. That way if I want to go back, I’ll have all the keywords etc for the old files. But then, I’d probably rather not have the flagged pics in both catalogs because of the possibility of conflicting edits to them. So I’d have to add a step to remove them from the archived catalog…

  2. Tom- what might work would be to make a Collection of all your flagged pics (keepers) and then export them as a new Catalog. Alternatively, you could go the other way around and export the un-flagged images. Once you’ve made the separate catalog, you can remove the unwanted images from your primary one.

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