The filters you really need for digital photography

Color Correcting /Enhancing Filters

Color filters are used to modify the color balance in a photograph. Color film was balanced for either daylight (natural) or tungsten (incandescent) light sources. If you used daylight film with a fluorescent light source, the images would have a green cast. Color-correcting filters are designed to fix these color casts. Color-enhancing filters are intended to change the color balance in a scene for a creative look.

Color correction and enhancement is incredibly simple to perform with digital images, especially if you capture your photos in raw format. You can not only change the white balance setting of your camera to produce great results without a filter, but also make all kinds of powerful color balance adjustments in post via software.

Verdict: Color Correcting/Enhancing filters are entirely unnecessary for digital still photography. Capture your images in raw format and correct/enhance color with your software tools.

One thought on “The filters you really need for digital photography”

  1. About your filters article, I concur with practically all your findings. In early days of digital, some of those filters were really helpful, but now not much. Camera technology is going at super speed. Am curious about where photography is going.

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