South Dakota 2019 Landscape Workshop

Photograph the Badlands of South Dakota August 14-18, 2019

South Dakota badlands photo workshop
Photograph the South Dakota badlands with Jason Odell

When: August 14-18, 2019
Where: South Dakota Badlands (Wall, SD)

Join me in South Dakota to photograph the incredible and dynamic badlands! This small-group photography workshop is the perfect setting for enthusiasts who not only want to photograph spectacular scenery, but also learn the behind the scenes techniques for processing and workflow, including HDR, infrared, monochrome, and long exposures.

South Dakota Badlands Photo Gallery

South Dakota badlands photo safari
Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Each day, you will have the opportunity download and process our images together as a group, get constructive critiques, and learn new techniques to make your photos into fine-art masterpieces. I will work with you to capture and process the best possible images into beautiful finished products. Our focus will be on the complete end to-end workflow of landscape photography, from composition to final digital or print output.

South Dakota Badlands Photo Safari

Topics include
  • Composition for landscape photography
  • Digital post-processing with Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Monochrome conversion
  • HDR photography & processing
  • Panorama photography
  • Long exposure photography


One thought on “South Dakota 2019 Landscape Workshop”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for following up with the D850 in South Dakota. I saw your post last year and immediately went to your profile page here and found this! 😀

    I’m from sd, but live in a place with <1000 population and im about 5 hours from the badlands.

    Have you ever been to a small town to try and challenge yourself? I find it difficult to photograph anything of interest here. I'm trying to find interesting things in my small town, because I want to capture the life of this small town. Any suggestions? Have you ever been to a small town like here and tried taking meaningful pictures? Thanks!

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