POTD: Abandoned House

Abandoned stone house, County Kildare, Ireland

The Story Behind “Abandoned House”

I created this image using the multi-step approach I teach on my workshops, which I feel is crucial for any modern digital photographer: Camera/Composition/Post-Processing

  1. I Identified the subject in the field (we were driving along a country road in Ireland, and the abandoned house caught our attention. We asked our driver to pull over so we could photograph it (this is the value of a private photo tour).
  2. Although I originally captured the scene with my Nikon D850, I decided to use my Fujifilm X-T1 which was converted to capture infrared images.
  3. The RAW file, when loaded into Lightroom, looks awful; the white balance is not easy to fix by default because often times the WB slider cannot handle infrared images.

    Abandoned House
    Pink or magenta white balance is common with infrared photos and can be hard to correct in Lightroom without a custom camera profile.
  4. By using a custom camera profile, I was able to easily fix the pink white balance problem. The only  major issue now is the power lines in this scene.

    Abandoned House
    The RAW image after applying a custom camera profile and correcting white balance in Lightroom Classic CC
  5. I then brought the image into Adobe Photoshop CC, where I quickly removed the power lines that went across the frame. Photoshop does a much better job at cloning than Lightroom.
  6. I made some tonality adjustments to the highlights and midtones using Luminosity Masks.
  7. Next, I added a couple of my royalty-free texture images in Photoshop Layers and adjusted the blending modes and layer opacity.

    Abandoned House
    I used Adobe Photoshop for its strengths: cloning, luminosity masks, and layer blending.
  8. I brought the image back into Lightroom Classic CC, where I did the final dodging and burning steps and applied final sharpening.


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