Luminar 2018 Updated

Luminar 2018 Jupiter Released by Skylum

Luminar 2018 Jupiter
Luminar 2018 “Jupiter” is a free update to Luminar 2018 users, and boasts significant performance enhancements.

Skylum Software (formerly Macphun) have announced the immediate release of Luminar 2018 “Jupiter.”  I’ve updated to this version and it is much faster and more responsive, especially when I’m working with large files from my Nikon D850. I strongly recommend that current users upgrade to Luminar 2018 Jupiter.

Luminar Jupiter is a free update for existing Luminar 2018 users.

Read my review of Luminar and download my free Luminar Workspaces  

WHAT’S NEW in Luminar 2018 Jupiter

Luminar for Mac OS

  • Fast RAW opening
  • Super fast image editing and adjusting;
  • Faster image export;
  • DCP Profiles support;
  • Automatic Lens Correction (fix Lens Distortion, remove Chromatic Aberration and Defringe);
  • Enhanced image quality on image view – most of the demosaic and green equilibration issues have been fixed;
  • Numerous stability fixes;
  • UI and UX improvements;
  • Localizations updated (German, Japanese, Chinese & more).

Luminar for Windows

  • Super fast image editing and adjusting
  • Faster image export
  • Batch processing
  • Free transform image
  • Flip/Rotate image
  • Automatic Lens Correction (fix Lens Distortion, remove Chromatic Aberration and Defringe)
  • Big number of stability fixes
  • UI and UX improvements
  • Localizations updated
  • Ability to change localisation language in the application main menu
  • Fixes with color profiles on export/in plugin mode
  • Preview mode feature added (F hotkey)
  • Enhanced image quality on image view – fixed most of demosaic and green equilibration

One thought on “Luminar 2018 Updated”

  1. Hey Jason
    Found your site via “textures” search. I have a start-up art business (actually a side business) “Trails 2 The Sea”. Anyway, I am not a super detail driven person I when I found Luminar via your site as a means to layer other than Photoshop I bought it.

    I thought I saw a video from your showing how to use your textures (which I have purchased some and will be getting more). Not finding it though. Thoughts as to where I might find something?

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